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(noun) like a normal lol but this time you're laughing so hard you may fall of your seat or inhale food or fall over or walk into things etc
I laughed so hard i turned into a puddle of lol
by BoredAndBrainless June 22, 2008
A made up term, apparnently meaning a scientist who specilises in duck psychology.
1) my friend lied and said that there had been an Opabolamist on tv the other night.
2)My friend believe there was such a thing as an Opabolamist.
by BoredAndBrainless June 22, 2008
(Noun) the lack of use of wardrobe, instead using the floor
My dad says i should use the wardrobe to store clothes, NOT the floordrobe
by BoredAndBrainless June 22, 2008

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