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Space on floor conveniently used to keep items of clothing/interest. Saves hours of time searching in drawers or cupboards.
'Where's my pants?! Oh no, there it is easily spotted in the floorage.... good job I didn't tidy them away'
by **charlotte88** April 25, 2007
verb- a portmanteau of the words floor and forage. the act of searching for something to eat on a messy floor.
I'm gonna floorage in the living room to find some candy.
by kelknaughty September 26, 2010
This is an addendum to floordrobe.
My husband Tom uses a FLOORAGE system in our mudroom that works very well for keeping such items as empty wine and
beer bottles, recycling, shoes, a dog bed and general debris.
by CathyG April 25, 2007