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Segments of fat skin on ones body.
Love handles, chub, belly, and fat rolls.
by Brandon Ford June 29, 2004
3 2
To have a 'flooble' is to fancy someone who technically you do not really know. Someone who you never talk to, who you may only ever view from a distance. You are basically a creepy stalker, but who isn't right?
Stalker Guy 1 - I fancy her. (points to girl in the distance)

Random Guy 2 - What? I've never even seen you talk to her! How can you fancy her?

Wise Guy 3 - Ah, I see, you my friend, most definitely have a flooble for this girl.

Stalker Guy 1 - Yes! That's what it is!
by Figrat April 28, 2010
4 1
The act of shoving your toe in someone's butt whilst it is covered in Jell-o.
"Damn! I was sound asleep and Max gave me a Flooble! I came in my undies!!"
by Tiggy The Ninja August 08, 2003
9 6
A Nicer (More Civilised) Way Of Swearing So As Not To Offend Anyone.
"What the flooble??" or "Oh, flooble" or "Oh for flooble's sake"
by Flooble October 20, 2006
3 3
The act of fat on a humans body jiggling.
Man that guy floobled like never before
by [abrade] nova December 25, 2003
2 3