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The act of shoving your toe in someone's butt whilst it is covered in Jell-o.
"Damn! I was sound asleep and Max gave me a Flooble! I came in my undies!!"
by Tiggy The Ninja August 08, 2003
To have a 'flooble' is to fancy someone who technically you do not really know. Someone who you never talk to, who you may only ever view from a distance. You are basically a creepy stalker, but who isn't right?
Stalker Guy 1 - I fancy her. (points to girl in the distance)

Random Guy 2 - What? I've never even seen you talk to her! How can you fancy her?

Wise Guy 3 - Ah, I see, you my friend, most definitely have a flooble for this girl.

Stalker Guy 1 - Yes! That's what it is!
by Figrat April 28, 2010
Segments of fat skin on ones body.
Love handles, chub, belly, and fat rolls.
by Brandon Ford June 29, 2004
A Nicer (More Civilised) Way Of Swearing So As Not To Offend Anyone.
"What the flooble??" or "Oh, flooble" or "Oh for flooble's sake"
by Flooble October 20, 2006
The act of fat on a humans body jiggling.
Man that guy floobled like never before
by [abrade] nova December 25, 2003
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