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The patch of skin between a mans chocolate factory and lemonade stand.
She tried not to vomit as she turned her head and thought, "holy crap, Mike has a stinky floober".
by Chris Z. August 19, 2003
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sweet heart
she was his floober
by tim stevens March 16, 2003
An oversized marijuana cigarette. AKA, joint.
Yo, pass that floober to the left, man!
by Flaste September 16, 2006
When you are going down on a girl and you sneeze into her cooch.
Jesse's Cooter was so dusty I gave her a floober while I was down there.
by chow-yung-phat January 24, 2003
when you are overly sarcastic
I floobered her so bad, I told her that I didn't know who Lil' Wayne was
by shntrnr March 09, 2015

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