This is a term that describes when someone does not have control over their bodily movements, such as a caveman,and flops around aimlessly and out of control.
1. Pierre flomped down so hard on the chair that he broke the legs smooth off.
2. When Luke walks his sandals change from flip flops to "Flomp Flomps"
by DP from The 3 February 08, 2009
Top Definition
1) Notional sound a feline makes when they fall over sideways - usually intentionally, for whatever reason cats do things like that.

2) The act of intentionally falling over sideways, usually as done by a cat.

Note, both definitions apply to all manner of cats, from tigers to sand cats.
The theater audience thought it was cute when they saw the lion cub flomp.
by ke6isf April 17, 2005
The sound made when someone collapses onto a bed, exhausted.
After finishing work, he laid on the bed with a flomp.
by Erik W October 02, 2006
A hug which consists of a person falling into the target of the flomp causing them both to fall over in one big hug
Chavs dont flomp because there retards ...but we do because were kwlio like a box of frogs
by Alex n Steph January 23, 2009
Physical and emotional subsidence, often accompanied with pouting,following disappointment: especially in young children.
"No we don't have any.......". Flomp.
by Harri van Ronk January 11, 2012
Derived from the typo of "glomp", to flomp means to hug
someone in a hump-like manner
"I going to Flomp you."

"OMG are you flomping me?"

"Thats even worser than the time my sister accidentally flomped me."
by ape911 June 20, 2009
like a glomp but it doesn't knock you on your ass
* nobby flomps #zirc / (incubus_chick): keke / (incubus_chick): MASSFLOMPING
by Igor July 06, 2004
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