One who comes into the store, looks around, tries on many things, bugs the employees for a while, and ultimately leaves empty handed, not purchasing a single thing in the store.
The store today after the baseball game was filled with floggers.
by Bart June 16, 2006
Top Definition
An implement usually used in BDSM, it is made up of a handle and several straps which are attached to it. Can be used to whip or to caress.
She tied me up and used the flogger on my body... it was so erotic!
by Dasrik September 28, 2003
Floggers are part of a teenage movement, parallel to the emo movement.

These generally have the same hair cut as the emo, covering one eye. Nevertheless the floggers use colors as well in their hair.

Their characteristic (almost fetiche) clothing is a pair of tight jeans, shaped as a cone, and of a recognized brand.
They use V neck cleavage t-shirts. As for colors these use strong, non matching, colors, throughout their entire wardrobe; such as bubblegum pink, crayola yellow, silver, and all of the crayola color chart.

Flogger term comes from the fotolog which they use to upload their self loving images, in search for acceptance from the opposite sex. Whenever they feel threatened they shall resort to give you their fotolog link; the images are generally uglier than in, or the encyclopedic equivalent to

Floggers do not use facebook, use CAPS throughout their Spelling mistake infested messages, and add popularity within their group by adding signatures in their fotolog.
Their language is very much as the Neanderthal man. Their laughter is very particular, and its pronunciation is a mystery to the human race: aksjakjsaksjaksakajsk.

These generally meet twice a week in shopping centers to get new pictures, and give other floggers their link to fotolog.

Their music is much like the emo music, spanning from greenday, Belanova, my chemical romance and miranda. They also listen to electronical music, and attend raves.

Whenevera flogger talks to another in fotolog:
"ARRE =$"
by Frambuesa123456 August 10, 2008
A failed, or unsuccessful, blogger. Someone who tries to become famous through a blog to no avail.
Ed used to be a pretty good journalist. Unfortunately these days he's just a flogger.
by jadentrez March 02, 2010
Someone who whips.
A handle with a number of thin straps attached.
A whisk.
I flogged the batter with a flogger.
Jon is a flogger as he whipped the sailors into submission with a cat o nine tails.
Sara punished Ashley with a flogger for not doing chores.
by angryatnocommonsense March 15, 2015
Noun. A man in charge, of the others. Who's duties are punishment for less than impeccable behavior. Flogger's apparel consists of dark leather garment, which exposes the floggers neck, upper chest, and his entire arms, bare.
The floggers favorite tool of choice for flogging is a metal rod.
Their Punishment is as just as it is inevitable said the flogger.
by December 11, 2008
Someone who has stayed awake after all others have gone to bed. Tunes are still necessary and cakes are an option.
You're a pure flogger by the way!
by Frankie Cuddles February 20, 2010
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