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An implement usually used in BDSM, it is made up of a handle and several straps which are attached to it. Can be used to whip or to caress.
She tied me up and used the flogger on my body... it was so erotic!
by Dasrik September 28, 2003
The Trekkies of BDSM.
Literally, people who base their Dominance/submission on the works of John Norman.
Wear my ko'lar and stay in my larl inn! I'm so fucking Gorean.
by Dasrik September 28, 2003
Acronym for "English, motherfucker, do you speak it?!", a line from Pulp Fiction. Used on the Internet in response to nonsensical writing.
Person A: "U C4N7 B337 MY 1337 5Kii15!!!!!!!!!! YA N00BS!!!!!"
Person B: "EMFDYSI?!"
by Dasrik November 01, 2007
An implement used in BDSM, it delivers electrical shocks to specific parts of the body.
He touched my chest with the violet wand! It was so sexy.
by Dasrik September 28, 2003
A roleplayer that will do what he wants despite resistance from the Dungeon Master or the other players. Generally a nuisance and usually a munchkin. Term taken from the common "God mode" in various first-person shooters that renders you invincible.
Gary is a God moder. If you say the world explodes, he'll say he goes Super Saiyan and makes a shield to protect himself.
by Dasrik December 30, 2003
In some video games, a large enemy in the middle of a level. See boss.
Who cares about you? From now on your name is Miniboss.
by Dasrik March 01, 2005
Someone who disowns this entry.
Dasrik does not approve of this message.
by Dasrik April 03, 2005

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