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Very old way to say gay/homosexual.
see flit
It's from the 50s-60s
Greg: That guy is so flitty, it he were any more of a flit, he'd wish he wasn't so flitty.
Nick: That sounded really gay.
by Thadanator January 04, 2005
Titties posted on Flickr.
I just found a group on Flickr that is nothing but Flitties.
by Icantfeelmyface April 05, 2011
when a female or male have tits so big and saggy they have shoe prints on them
holy crap that chix flitties are huge she has carpet burn on her nipples
by iDONTknowNOTchad December 02, 2003
A cat or small cat-like mammal
Look its rufus, the evil flitty
by Jason hornsby, insane murderer February 28, 2010
to flirt, flirtatious with
she's flitty wit all the ballers
by trizzle August 30, 2003
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