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The act of using or playing a female.
When a girl is a slut/whore.
Did you see Micro D last night..he was flippin' Jessica on the pullout couch.

Yo man dont get with Mandy..she's a flip..for real.

Yo fuck hanging out with our girls tonight..lets call up some flips.
by N and J April 20, 2008
1. A less severe version of the word "fucking".
1. That guy is such a flippin jackass!
by booshmaster April 25, 2003
adv. extrememly, really, exceptionally, excessively, truly.

a syn for the word would be freaking or frekin.
Hey dude, that trick was flippin awesome.

Your life is flippin sweet!
by singing pooky June 23, 2005
another slang word for selling stuff cough cough
flippin sacks
i been flippin mad Orgers been good bussiness lately
by killa chronic January 13, 2009
-a word used as fuck or frick
-used in napoleon dynamite
'flippin idiot, gawd!'
by jenna rae June 07, 2005
Used in place of "fuckin" or "fucking".
Did not originate from Napoleon Dynamite but rather has been used by Mormons for decades.
Flippin' sweet man. Gosh darn it
by Kalov May 07, 2005
A word for cool o to express an amount
Im so flippin' pissed.
by Allie! March 10, 2005
a small town in norhtern Arkansas
i live in flippin a town of 1300 people
by jared glade October 22, 2008