The act of using or playing a female.
When a girl is a slut/whore.
Did you see Micro D last night..he was flippin' Jessica on the pullout couch.

Yo man dont get with Mandy..she's a flip..for real.

Yo fuck hanging out with our girls tonight..lets call up some flips.
by N and J April 20, 2008
fucking, sweet, awesome. usaully used before a word. Comes from movie Napoleon Dynamite. used in the same way as fuck.
that was flippin' sweet!
by Will January 08, 2005
Drivn around; creeping
I was Flipin with my boy Lil_Quoc In da hood last night
by Lil_Quoc November 24, 2003
Very angry
My mother was so flippin' mad at me because I tore up the car...
by Moyi August 23, 2003
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