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1. By definition, the greatest political alignment on Earth.

2. A person who actually thinks for themselves instead of automatically adhering to all beliefs of a bipartisan system.

3. Someone who views political issues objectively and in a open-minded manner.

4. Someone who is actually willing to listen to another person's viewpoint without completely bashing their ideas.
1. I am a moderate...yay for me.
by booshmaster May 10, 2003
1. A less severe version of the word "fucking".
1. That guy is such a flippin jackass!
by booshmaster April 25, 2003
1. Someone that is incredibly boring and annoying.
2. Someone who says the word "yeah" a lot.
1. Wow, that guy is a real lumberg.
2. Man, could he be any more of a lumberg?
by booshmaster April 25, 2003
1. An expression of great joy.
2. A classic V saying.
1. sweet deal! I just won a million dollars.
2. free fries? sweet deal!
by booshmaster April 25, 2003
1. God.
I'm ticak. I'm God.
by booshmaster April 30, 2003
1. A classic "boxel" saying.
2. The retarded form of the word retarded.
1. Dude, yer such a re-re.

2. You suck at life you stupid re-re.
by booshmaster May 09, 2003
1. The proud owner and commander of the all-powerful lavik-mobile.
2. The only remaining evidence that rap-with-the-fat-guy still exists.
3. All-time Power of the Pen champion.
1. Hey lavik, i'll race you to the next traffic light.

2. Wait a minute lavik. You're saying there was this guy in a yellow jacket in Toronto that did WHAT?

3. Don't worry, lavik will cook up a blue-ribbon story without fail. And he doesn't cheat like those punks from Philips-Osborne.
by booshmaster April 30, 2003

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