Top Definition
1. to roll up a blunt or joint. sell somethin makin profit or just to get it off.
1. ayyo heres the dutch flip that god

2. i just copped this qp... im bouta flip that... cop a halfy n b sittin good god werd motha
by ziddy fatt December 26, 2010
A prudish way to say "Fuck that"!
White man 1: "Let's go to the Young Republicans' Convention!"
White man 2: "Flip that! I'm really rebellious!"
Another guy: "Fuck that shit! Flip is just a euphemism for 'fuck'!"
by angry_norwegian June 03, 2009
Defiance towards a rule or statement.
D: We're not supposed to be doing this.

J: Flip that! I don't care!
by DragonFlame15 August 17, 2008
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