A nickname for someone who's name is Philip.
Flip is coming over later to wax it.
by Gertrude March 14, 2004
to roll a blunt
say nigga i got a dime sack, let's go flip this bitch
by DALLAS CHICK 2004 March 10, 2004
hoi nigz! im FLIPn' it up!
by Lucky-Grad05 June 17, 2005
The act of fucking Anna in many different positions, usually performed by a Phillard.
by Feva April 10, 2003
paintball freak
computer freak
freak freak
no license
the FLIP is not back
by DANIEL SMITH May 15, 2003
Stands for "Fine Looking Idiotic Person"
Although a hot ass honey... and very easy to get with in bed, they are dumber than a monkey. Not a person you would take home to mommie.
"Damn... Jessica Simpson is hot.. but she's a damn flip."
by Filipino Guy Who Dates White Girls November 29, 2003
Another word for E.

Note: If the pigs get you with E you can face attempted murder charges!
man lets go and get some flips from sam and get fuckin lost!
by Dope_Babe August 27, 2006

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