to roll a blunt
say nigga i got a dime sack, let's go flip this bitch
by DALLAS CHICK 2004 March 10, 2004
hoi nigz! im FLIPn' it up!
by Lucky-Grad05 June 17, 2005
A nickname for someone who's name is Philip.
Flip is coming over later to wax it.
by Gertrude March 14, 2004
The act of fucking Anna in many different positions, usually performed by a Phillard.
by Feva April 10, 2003
paintball freak
computer freak
freak freak
no license
the FLIP is not back
by DANIEL SMITH May 15, 2003
Stands for "Fine Looking Idiotic Person"
Although a hot ass honey... and very easy to get with in bed, they are dumber than a monkey. Not a person you would take home to mommie.
"Damn... Jessica Simpson is hot.. but she's a damn flip."
by Filipino Guy Who Dates White Girls November 29, 2003
Another word for E.

Note: If the pigs get you with E you can face attempted murder charges!
man lets go and get some flips from sam and get fuckin lost!
by Dope_Babe August 27, 2006

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