Flips aka Flip Flops are a type of thong sandal worn by straight preppy males who have nice feet. Unless you are a Preppy male you should not wear open toe shoes.
Dude Im going to the mall to get some new flips..
by josh10111 July 27, 2011
white chick: wow look at that flip who own the company by the age of 20

white chick 2: yeah really cool
by tun2 February 05, 2009
A girl who dresses or acts like a skank , hoe, whore, slut, tramp, b*tch, etc.
Girl # 1: Your a loser
Girl # 2: Yous a flip
by B*** April 19, 2006
a short and feisty pacific islander P.I.M.P. with lots of balls- midget mafia.
"did u catch that flip last night- damn he fine!!"
by Gilhomes October 23, 2003
a hoe a girl that is always getting flipped or getting hit from the back
that girl right there is a flip
by brittany August 17, 2004
AKA fillipino, come in different types

1. FOB - Fresh Off the Boat. Faggot ass bitches, who think theyre gangsta. Usually seen wearing shorts 3 sizes too big, a doo rag, and a white tank top. Speak terrible english, and have nasty ass breath. Usually grow up to become batu smokers.

2.Breakers - This is a new breed f flips, which emerged after the movie "you got served" came out. Think theyre cool because they can breakdance. Try to act punk rock, by using words like emo, and wearing eye liner, and gelling their hair into mohawks and spikes. This breed will respond to threats like "what bitch like scrap?" with words like "nah we go battle," they will not fight because they are faggot ass mother fuckers. Usually grow up to become a nobody, they do not go to college cause theyre stupid, they think breaking will get them somewhere. Can be seen typically working at your local Mcdonnalds
self explanitory unless your a flip
by joe apollo October 29, 2006
f- fine
l- lookin'
i- island
p- people
Dave is a hella kwazy flip fo sho!!!
yo also ma barkada!!!, haha you know who you are!!!
by KwazyFlipxFreestyle November 25, 2005
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