1) The Flipmode Squad, founded by Busta Rhymes, pretty weak sauce as far as rap cliques go.
2) An unexpected reversal.
1) "Whatever happened to Flipmode Squad?" "Who cares, they ate a bag of dicks."
2) "He thought I was coming with rock when I went FLIP MODE and went all scissors on him."
by Benjamin Fatbody December 02, 2003
Top Definition
Busta Rhyme's record label.
Busta Rhymez coming through from the flip mode squad
by brian kaufman December 03, 2003
when you get a boner sitting down and have to stand up and the tent would be obvious. Flip Mode is a move where you move the boner from the down/poking out postion to the up position resting between your belt and your stomach. should be done to do this in one motion so it looks like you are just standing up.
paul- I was staring at katy's legs in class today and mrs. beltson called on me to go to the board
steve- oh shit
paul- its cool I went into flip mode and did the problem
steve- yeah i have to go into flip mode 'bout three times a day. have you ever been caught?
paul- nah, i got that move down like 1st floor to basement
#boner #dick #rock hard #flip #mode
by Tony Oats December 21, 2006
Consists of: Rampage, Lord Have Mercy, Rah-Digga, Spliff Star, Baby Sham.
"SO WHO ARE WE: FLIPMODE! Got you gasping for air, hot shit, mutha-fuckas throw yo' hands in the air."
by Diego August 31, 2003
changing ones behavior to methods or ways that one is well aquinted with but rarely ever shows out either due to social conflicts inherent in being public or because one would not choose to use those methods but does what they gotta do.
Look man... next time I deal with you its flipmode.

I had to go flipmode to get that shit done.
#suicyco #wild out #creeper #dl #down low #berserker
by thee radical elcectic September 15, 2006
To go sick at someone after they vexed you out
That dude slept with my girl, im gonna go flipmode on the nig
by Anonymous August 06, 2003

When you get hit on the head and undergo a major personality change; usually from normal to evil.
Example (a): After David fell from the jungle gym, he went flip mode.

Example (b): Consider Alex from "A Clockwork Orange," at the end of the movie.
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by Bombenhagel September 24, 2009
Busta Rhyme's coterie of n'eer do-wells
Yo Yo Yo Flipmode squad Remix!
by _rockelle December 05, 2003
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