5 definitions by Chocobo

fuck off and die!
I wish rns would just F.O.A.D
by Chocobo December 03, 2003
Weed, mary jane, or cannibis.
Can i have some of your Hibi Saba?
by Chocobo December 08, 2003
The point of where you cant take the world anymore and go ballistic and go on a killing rampage.
Man that guy who took a shotgun to the crowd of people is in his flip mode.
by Chocobo December 04, 2003
Fucking craziest shit you have ever seen or heard about.
The guy that got shoot was nutsobagenjo
by Chocobo December 03, 2003
Porno that has to deal with pissing
Kei Matsuoka likes yellow porn.
by Chocobo December 04, 2003

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