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A handjob. based on the flinging motion the person giving the "flinger" makes to get ejaculate off her/his hand. Alternatively, the flinging can take place when the giver of the handjob continues during ejaculation, causing it to be flung all over.
"That chick gives a great flinger!"
by grouchypete February 09, 2009
People who, after washing their hands at your sink(s)...fling them and make a really nasty mess all over sink and counters!!!
He came in, petted the dogs, went to the kitchen sink to wash his hands and made a real mess. He is a flinger.
by docsdeb May 01, 2015
The flinger is a sexual act in which right before ejaculation during sex, the man will put the tip of the penis at the edge of the vagina and at the point of cumming you fling the penis out and cum all over the chick, preferably aiming towards the tits would be my suggestion.
"Flinger attack, I CHOSE YOU!" or "watch this flinger bitch"
by Rick_aka_lrc3 March 02, 2010
The little skin tag that grows underneath your armpit
I flicked his flinger
by Rod Lantz November 26, 2003
a cell phone charm that can be put on anything. most of the time they are used by asians
"i love your hello kitty cellphone flinger"

"where did you get that jade flinger?"
by erin murphy November 06, 2008
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