fling (fling)


1. to throw, cast, or hurl with force or violence.


1. fake jewerly. fake bling.
2. total opposite of bling.
Who's that rapper trying to fool with that fling fling?
by Brad Clitt August 31, 2009
A crush or romanc between two young people
Their fling may turn out to be more
by Matt May 02, 2003
A new website for hook-ups. Can be thought of as a hybrid of AFF and WebDate since it is intended for adult behavior and utilizes chat rooms.
All the naughty Turks and girls that like to show can do so on Fling and not get t3h ban.
Rare last name belonging to one of the greatest families in America. Members of this family are known for excelling at what ever they endevor to do. As a result many companies now say that they are having their "Spring Fling" when they wish to advertise something that is exceptional.
once again, company "-" is having it's Spring Fling"
by flingshot January 26, 2005

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