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to change suming's position, to either an upright stance or to get it away from u.
I'll flip da bird at dat kid if he keeps grillin me. Or, flick day dead skin off u.
by bayode fashemi May 17, 2003
So tough, that you piss your own panties. Omigawdz.
Dude, that put was fucking FLICK.
by Shira and Ryne December 01, 2005
Porno vid
Damn that flick was fucked up shit yo
by P to izatt August 08, 2003
to e a flick is to be an asian cock sucker
" you flickin him " your suckin his cock becasue he's asian
" your bein a total flick " your eign a total asian cock sucker
by jubba March 07, 2005
Ben Cullum's wife, member of the JCAC
Let's marry Ben and Flick and get two kids.
by Flick January 31, 2005
A type of film, mostly. a martial arts film, or a porn.

and it it's a porn... it goes great with some k-y jelly

u nasty think you
hey,you seen that new jet-li flick?

hey let's roll to block buster.

naw man. i just bought this new flick and im going to check it out....alone
by adrian November 28, 2003
Middle finger
by ARK August 07, 2003
To give someone or something 'the flick' is to get rid of, drop or discontinue something.
"You should give your woman 'the flick'."
"I gave my work 'the flick'."
"I'll probably flick this Uni degree before second semester."
by Diego July 29, 2003