to change suming's position, to either an upright stance or to get it away from u.
I'll flip da bird at dat kid if he keeps grillin me. Or, flick day dead skin off u.
by bayode fashemi May 17, 2003
A person, usually somewhat of a social reject, that embodies the annoying charactersitics of a Flee and a Tick
Let's get out of here man, here comes *name here*, and he's such a flick!
The movement of one person in a loving embrace moving their nose from down to up which touches the other persons nose.
She wanted to flick me
by DerangedShadow October 10, 2007
da name of the guy who got many chicks;
Got the girls ridin on his dick

(derived from Q Mcdizzle and definition made by Emmanuel)
Yo Flick got many chicks; He got the girls ridin on his dick.

That nigga flick gt all girls.
A combination of "Fucking" and "Trick".
Used when too lazy of saying those 2 words. :)
A: You know Jasmine?
B: Yeah, that flick!!
by loko May 27, 2008
A term that refers to the action of literally flicking someone's penis with ones fingers.
Haha, you flicked that guys penis last night, your so weird. *FLICK*
by Benjamin_R December 04, 2005
to b pulled over by cops
After we came from B's party we got flicked, I got a 100 dollar ticket.
by Faygo February 06, 2005

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