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A psychotic penguin hand puppet owned by a mad hologram named Rimmer.
"Mr Flibble is very cross..."
by Nick May 10, 2004
to dance while typing, involving lots of movement of the upper body and rhythmic typing.
I'm attemting to make the flibble a more popular sport.
by Alissa October 25, 2004
to make a funny face

(from TV's "The Electric Company")
I flibbled and scared my little brother.
by Dr. Heywood R. Floyd September 08, 2007
see fluffle

Another sign of affection used over the internet
ShotMonkey flibbles Vindicare
by ShotMonkey October 11, 2004
Comical filler for spontanious speach, usesd as a form of random speech to brighten up a conversation. It can be adjusted to fill in for any word in a sentence and transfomed to many diffrent states such as verbs, nouns e.c.t
Craig: Ian...
Ian: yes?
by Sk8rRIMuk March 31, 2004
Rubbish, balderdash, etc.
Don't give me that flibble.
by Jordie June 18, 2005

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