Top Definition
A capricious, unreliable person
Don't count on that flibbertigibbet for any help!
by Jim Wilcox January 05, 2004
An obnoxious, talkative woman
She is such an obnxious, flibbertigibbety bitch!
by Janet June 29, 2003
Pronounced FLIB-ur-tig-a-bit.

Usually a fool or stupid person.
That bloke was a bloody flibbertigibbet.
by Harry Shall August 13, 2007
a really long word
flibbertigibbet is a really long word
by sum1 May 07, 2003
like Lowtax but with whiter tetth
well now look at that chap with the white teeth
by Don Key Kong. Jr December 09, 2003
Some bitch with red hair. Word first used in the comedy "Joe Vs The Volcano".
I slept with a flibbertigibbet last night.
by Fuckoff January 16, 2005
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