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One who pretends to be vegetarian, but is in fact not; A fake vegetarian; One who claims to adhere to the vegetarian ethos when in certain company, but consumes animal products and meat otherwise.
Jose: I saw Lauren at Fuji Mountain last night-- but she was eating chicken teriyaki. Isn't she vegetarian?
Christie: That's what she tells everyone, but she's a total faketarian.
by sp00ki September 15, 2006
1) a blissfully wide post-coital grin indicative of particularly satisfying sex. usually indicates a strong sense of emotional closeness with the partner responsible for said sex. permagrin derrived from sex can often last for an entire day. this phenomenon is primarily experienced by females, but under certain circumstances can be found in males for the same reason.

2) a blank, complacent smile experienced after smoking an especially copious ammount of marijuana. permagrin will often fade once the initial high tapers off a bit, and the smoker regains cognitive abilities.

3) the blank, starry eyed grin which acompanies the ingestion of psychedelics. this type of permagrin typically occurs while observing something particularly prone to producing hallucinations, such as a moving light or toy.
1)Kim: "Wow... you've got permagrin. Have a good night?"
Jane: "Yep. Ten back to back orgasms. I love Reggie..."

2) Mike: "Heh... looks like those brownies are kicking in. Kev's totally got permagrin..."

3) Rich: "Is Raul tripping? He's been staring at that mirror for fifteen minutes with this permagrin on his face the entire time."
by sp00ki November 06, 2006
To mass-message a large number of people using an identical message via the comment, wall, or guestbook section of social networking sites (ie, myspace or friendster), often for the purpose of quickly alerting a large number of people to information such as an event or breaking news story.
Nicole: Hey, did you tell everyone to meet at Shakedown on Saturday?
Carlos: Yeah, i cluster-commented the flyer to everyone on myspace.
by sp00ki October 09, 2006
A shortened nickname for Senator John McCain.
Influenced by the recent trend for abbreviating celebrity names by using the first letter of the celeb's first name, with the first syllable of the celeb's last name (ie, Jennifer Lopez=Jlo)
Pat: Did you hear John McCain's running for pres?

Ray: Good luck with that, Jmac.
by sp00ki April 26, 2007
1) a pretend vegetarian

2) one who claims to be vegetarian, but eats meat when it's "convenient" (see faketarian)
Jesse: I went to Ashe's house for dinner, they were having chicken and rice.
Rodney: So you went hungry, right?
Jesse: No, I'm a flexitarian when i need to be.
Rodney: More like faketarian.
by sp00ki September 18, 2006
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