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The word 'flag' as pronounced by people with thick Belfast accents. The term is a perfect encapsulation of the disproportionate and overblown reaction to the removal of the Union Jack (as in 'de fleg') from above City Hall in Belfast. Where previously it had flown for 365 days per year, it is now flown on 17 designated days of the year - in line with many other British cities.

The event caused a portion of the Protestant community ('fleggers') to make international pricks of themselves as they proceeded to wreck the fucking place, claiming it was another erosion of a 'British' identity they perceive to have been under attack since the horrifying spectre of equality reared its head in Northern Ireland.

The word 'fleg' - and indeed 'fleggers' - fittingly describes a section of humanity unconcerned with knowledge, reality or the vagaries of the English language. Like America's tea-baggers they are ruled by instinct, fear and paranoia with a side dish of rampant bigotry and startling ignorance of the world around them.
"Wat de fuck like! The taigs got de fleg took down! Let's wreck de fuckin place! No surrender!"

"De fleg has been took down! Before ye know it there'll be a united Ireland! Attack Short Strand! God Save The Queen!"
by OnionFleg July 07, 2013
122 8
It's someone who is disabled. Someone that looks disabled or someone who is making a disabled face.
"see that guy, he looks like a right fleg"
by Frances & John May 05, 2008
51 44
A tree on a wet and windy day.
e.g. when it is a rainy and windy day outside, someone could say:

"That tree is flegging"

referring to the movement of the tree in the wind, during a period of wet weather.
by The Dance King!! May 22, 2009
18 14
To receive a fright from something, scottish slang.
"Dinnae jump out at us, ya gave us a fleg"
by Anubited May 20, 2005
38 36
shortening of the term "flabby legs"
Holy shit, jaynie has some terrible flegs!
by Kristofur August 05, 2011
12 13
Some where on your person in which you insert eggs, and various other items.
"I got a rather large egg stuck up my fleg the other day, it was quite uncomfortable"

Have you seen my eggs? - "Maybe you left them in your fleg?"
by Jam coated ecowarrior January 23, 2013
2 4
A rare occurrence when an individuals leg bypasses their ankle and connects directly to their foot.
Fleg is similar to the cankle, however, there is absolutely no appearance of anything that slightly resembles an ankle.
Marshall: Daaaang! How is that lady wearing heels?
Curtis: Why?
Marshall: I just can't comprehend how she stuffed all that fleg into them.
by <3Throb November 14, 2012
4 7