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this is a combination of two words sleep and f*ck. It can be used in the place of either word. Use your imagination.
We're having a fleepover! Sorry I'm late I was fleeping. You don't look good, are you getting enough fleep?
by Roxy Malone May 17, 2004
Interjection-a verbal expression of excitement or bewilderment
Where the fleep did my journal go?! I fleeping hope i haven't lost it
by Anonymous Duo February 03, 2011
The act of fapping, and then falling asleep
oh man, its getting late time go fleep!
whats fleep?
fapping and then going to sleep
by rey_leo March 13, 2011
A noise made from the nether regions which more closely resembles a beep than a conventional fart.
What was that?

Sorry I fleeped!
by eoinnll March 24, 2008
A random word, usually yelled by those lacking knowledge or intelect.
~ s a l i n k y ~
by Dan July 12, 2003
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