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fleeping is a word in an insult. it is to replicate the usage of the word 'fucking' which is used a lot throughout many normal peoples lives. it means a person who frolicks around like a lamb would leaping, but is more fleeping than usual. it can mean, also within the insult manner again, a person who engages in many sexual activities with old people (fleeper.)
guy 1: shut up you fleeping idiot.
guy 2: well, you're just a fleeping fleeper!
guy 1: *gasps* you didn't! wahhh!! *runs off fleeping*
by kurtlee December 01, 2006
bofagshna is a quite difficult word to pronounce. BO-FAG-SH-NA. it can be used upon many terms, whether the person is happy he may say "bofagshna!". apart from using it within expressive terms, it can also mean a freaky white person who may enjoy parading the streets shouting "I SHALL RULE THE WORLD!!"
guy 1: "bofagshna!"
guy 2: "bofagshna!"

white guy 1: "I SHALL RULE THE WORLD!"
guy 2: "omg what a freakin bofagshna!"
by kurtlee November 20, 2006

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