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Word originating from the German modern day philosopher J.J.Brookman. Referring to a state of non-plus-ultra. The ultimate best thing that could happen to you. The top of all your dreams.
A dude having tickets for a game of the champions league is cool, a dude having tickets for the End Game of the world cup is fleech.

Dave: Hey J.J. ! I slept with TWO chicks yesterday in my flat!
J.J.: Jo Dave, that's pretty nice.
Dave: Huh ? Why ... ain't that fleech ? What is fleech ?
J.J.: Nope. Fleech is what I did yesterday; I slept with 12 chicks in the playboy house in Berlin.
Dave: Duuude, that IS fleech !

by Dave Mastah May 08, 2006
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A person who clings to another and sucks the fun out of everything that happens.
That party was so fun last night, until the fleech called the cops.

We were all at the lake for the weekend, but the fleech made us stay inside and study.

by Davey958959 March 16, 2008
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