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An obnoxious contraction of "flaw" and "logic".
Religious nuts use flawgic to support their claims.
by branden January 06, 2006
Flawed logic; often used by the religious and imbeciles on the far-right of the political spectrum, such as creationists, climate-science deniers, and the NRA, in an attempt to justify asinine beliefs and opinions.
Sam: "Scientific evidence shows that humans and chimpanzees evolved from a common ancestor as little as 7 to 10 million years ago."

Billy the bible thumper: "Nonsense! If humans evolved from monkeys, then why are their still monkeys!?"

Sam: "If God made man from dust, then why is there still dust? Can't you see the flawgic in your argument?"
by rouby August 06, 2013
Anything stated by Hillary Clinton.
"Did you catch anything she said?"
"No, it was all just flawgic."
by gummiparty March 24, 2008
Flawed logic
The idea that pasteurization does not include the cool down process is flawgic.
by OrganicButtercup February 22, 2012
Flawed Logic.
You like that person because they play mind-games with you. That's flawgic.
by Eltimbit October 27, 2011
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