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Term used when describing a person who is idiotic or is useless, kind of like a flat dick would be.
Did you hear what Greg said the other day? He is such a flat dick!
by Josh December 09, 2004
>n. 1 a bitter miserable person who must act in such a way as to make those around him miserable also. 2 a person who can not bear to see others in a state of happiness.
ORIGIN Late twentieth cent.:English, unable to get an erection; flat, like a tire.
Who's that flatdick?
by Bing June 18, 2004
One who prevents those around him from enjoying fun and/or amusing activities.
Jason: Dan, are you done drinking?
Dan: Yes, Jason, I believe I am.
Jason: Flat dick
by Jason December 18, 2004
a top down foolish ass pranksta thats always flacid and cant get it up
damn whats with the flatdick you canker sore.
by steve March 09, 2004