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Abbreviation for "First initial plus last name".

Commonly used in IT departments.
Example: Welcome to Widgets Inc. Your email address will be, where f is your first initial and last is your last name.

Example: Hey IT department, we just hired Joe Schmidt, please set up his new user account on the server, his flast is jschmidt.
by IT Ninja July 09, 2010
when you can't make babies any more.
My dad is flast.

Kyle got a vasectomy and now he is completely flast and his sack hurts.
by T4T3 August 15, 2008
Young, intellectual Christian poon.

Church group middle school females.

Abbreviated YICP with no periods because they're not old enough for them yet.
Damn, look at that flast.

by Jebus 706 September 15, 2007
To be the first, and the last, to do something, reach a milestone, or achieve historic success.
President John f Kennedy was the Flast Catholic president, while Barack Obama is the Flast black president.
by Danman73 July 04, 2016
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