Noun: 1. When one has a memory of the olden days of slavery picking cotton in the fields with the misses sipping lemonade and the boll weivel eating the crop
2. A temporary lapse of judgement
3. Using race to further ones agenda
Def 1: Person one: "Why cant you wear that nice new cotton shirt?"
Person two: "The cotton causes uncontrollable flashblacks!"

Def 2: Person one: "Why didnt you eat that fried chicken??"
Person two: "I dont know, guess I had a flashblack moment!"

Def 3: "Heyyyyy mayng! Dont make me do a flashblack on yo ass!"
by JAZ! March 23, 2007
Top Definition
when you flash back to your blackout night
1: "Yo Billie, I just had a flashblack of what happened at Alibi's last night!!!"

2: "Melia, I just remembered falling on High Street - what a flashblack!"
by 12lamby February 23, 2012
When a nigga has a flashback or Déjà Vu
Yo niggas, I had a flashblack last night 'bout that bank we robbed last week. Scary shit!!
by CSchlez4 July 01, 2014
An event that occurs when standing up or stretching. A wave of well being and extreme tiredness flows through your body for about 3 seconds while your eyes see flashing lights and darkness repetitively.
After supper, Tobias gets up to bring his plate to the sink when all of a sudden, he feels tired and can't see very well but feels great. He hesitates for a moment, dazed, then continues his trip to the sink.

Tobias has just experienced a flashblack.
by Smart maggot February 05, 2009
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