a man/woman who keeps having sex with many different men/wemen one right after another.
me:that man is such a flash drive .
katie:i know.
by tennisballs May 03, 2007
Top Definition
a portable storage device for storing porn.
i have 3 GB worth of quality asian porn on my flash drive.
by urban asshole March 01, 2010
A memory device that is plugged into the USB drive of a computer. A flash drive is usually about 1 1/2 to 2 inches long and can store from much more than a floppy disc.
I kept losing the data on my floppy discs so I went to the store and bought a flash drive.
by Aidyn April 13, 2005
when one flashes a pedestrian whlist driving their car.
also a computer device that can hold this kodak moment
Kathleen tends to flashdrive when she's tipsy.
by BK-Hat-Man October 10, 2010
The act of inserting two fingers into the butt-hole of an unsuspecting individual. This is not a sexual act. It is done to a person with clothes on and is meant purely as a hilarious - and somewhat disgusting - practical joke.
Jeff: Hey...you see Dana over there? You should go flash drive her!
Jordan: Gross. She's my sister-in-law.
Jeff: C'mon. It'll be funny.
Jordan: Oh...okay.
by Jefferson Gay-vis April 25, 2013
Operating a car in the nude.
How many flash drives did you see on the highway today?
by Mr. William Lumbergh June 29, 2013
AKA the zipper on the male's pants. Used to "Flash" or expose his semi flacid penis to others
hey man, your flash drive is down
by SteveSmith09 April 07, 2009
A small stick that nerds insert into a computer to save their video games, emulations, nude files, etc.

Also a form of weapon used by the nerd in dire times of need.

Also called "nerd switchblade"
John: " get back, or ill stick you with my 4gb flash drive! "

Sam: " okay, that pig sticker cant do anything anyway -_- "
by Jordan Shan March 14, 2008
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