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10 definitions by urban asshole

more hated in america than osama bin laden... and that's really, really sad.
George W. Bush made America the laughing stock of the world.
by urban asshole February 23, 2010
the worst STD you can get.
man 1: i banged jill and got the worst STD in the world.

man 2: AIDS

man 1: no, kids.

man 2: i give you my sincerest condolences.
by urban asshole January 23, 2010
the equivalent of a crackhead in the real world.
smeagol wants to smoke the preeeeciousssss
by urban asshole February 27, 2010
1. boobs in japanese
2. boobs in spanish (mexico)
3. pussy in spanish (spain)
4. dick in mandarin chinese
5. goku's annoying bitch in DBZ
chichi... what a name for an anime character, eh?
by urban asshole February 23, 2010
looking up vagina? you gotta be fucking kidding me.
seriously? looking up vagina??? you suck.
by urban asshole February 19, 2010
annoying bitch who screams too much in her movies.
"i always hear a bitch screaming like she's being raped in spiderman."

"that's kirstin dunst, nigga!"
by urban asshole February 27, 2010
people who need to look up the definition of "idiots" in the urban dictionary
if you are reading this, you are probably one of the idiots i'm talking about.
by urban asshole February 23, 2010