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Also spelled "phlarb"

An old insult used to describe an often uncool, perverted person who enjoys sniffing biycyle seats.
Person 1: Hey, did you see that weird guy over there?
Person 2: Yeah, dude. He's such a flarb
by just_me21 May 31, 2009
Baby barf; any substance or object which a baby regurgitates.
Gross! Leanne's baby just got flarb all over my shirt.
by atarke December 12, 2008
fold of skin on a skinny persons tummy when the scrunch up and say they have jelly rolls and think theyre fat.
"oh my gosh, alyssa's has nothing but flarb!"
by katkatkatdriem July 10, 2008
Used in place of Fuck. Can also be used for other profanities.
"I just flarbed this hot chick at the motel!"

"What the flarb!?"

"The flarbing garbage man's flarbing late again!"
by Alex Ivey March 08, 2004
A person that passes gas in while sitting in the bathtub, and then bites the bubbles.
That dudes just a flarb
by MikeScag November 06, 2007
a dumb fat homo with no life that takes money from old ladys for donut money or food.
yo , that guys such a flarb he totally ganked that ladys chicken!
by Raphal April 09, 2007
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