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Classic rock you first heard from your dad's old record collection.
1: "I got into The Beatles after my dad showed me some of their albums he bought in the '60s."

2: "So you listen to a lot of dadrock?"
by Blaze1289 March 22, 2010
Gratuitous Picture Of Myself.

For people who know that using "gpoy" is grammatically incorrect.
Typical Tumblr User: omg, gpoy

Grammar Nazi: I think you mean "gpom". You're saying "this is a gratuitous picture of myself", so use "gpom".
by Blaze1289 February 09, 2012
"If porn of it doesn't exist, porn will be made of it."

A rule usually said in conjunction with Rule 34. Mostly seen in oekakis and other similar sites.
1: I didn't find Rule 34 for Thomas the Tank Engine.

2: rule 35, fag. i drew my own.

by Blaze1289 July 30, 2009
To coat with butter.
1: What is he doing?
2: He's flarbing that canvas with some margarine.
by Blaze1289 June 17, 2011

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