In games:
1) As an adjective: good, holy, of or relating to the good-aligned god (esp. Sikkar, a generic "good" god)
2) A mob (mobile NPC, monster) defined as "good"
2) Also refers to paladin or especially priest
3) A "flappy" can be a good-aligned resurrection.

This term is not univeral to all games; it is most common in MUDS, probably originating in RetroMUD.
1) Every mob in this area is flappy...
2) Anyone want to come beat on some flappies?
3) Flappy LFG, especially pallys/rangers
4) No, a res is no good to me, I need a flappy...
by Crabjesus March 19, 2007
Top Definition
The act of hitting someone with a penis.
Girl: I think it is degrading to give someone a flappy.
by scott trowbridge June 09, 2006
A person with oversized vaginal lips
green has big flapps hence we call her flappy
by OdusUrungus November 05, 2006
Someone who owns a pankake store.
Good news Flappy, i've decided not to kill you.
by Kretchfoop June 06, 2004
A person who is in a mood where they are continously making a fool of themselves, and panicing. These moods often amuse others in the vacinity.

See also 'Jepo'
Oooh, I'm all flappy today!
Claire Jepson
by Jambodia April 26, 2003
A female of the human species that induges on bacardi limon, and can be frequently seen in bars all over the place, with hackle and Mr. Megan. Flappies are a wiley bunch, they generally have this interesting mating look that they do when they spy and interesting mate at the bar, it involves lip biting. Flappies are notorious for not being able to keep good tires on a vechicle, and also are poor at financing. Flappies on the other side however are generally very fun loving and good natured. It is very hard to torment a flappy to the point at which it will lash out against you. I invite you all the people of the world to join together for a common good... now go get yourself some flappies!! 2 for 1 sale this week!!
Hey flappy! what are you doing!!
by Hackle September 06, 2006
the act of sleeping/passing out flat on your face when there is someone of the of the opposite sex right beside you in bed wanting to cuddle.
"Oh damn, Jerett went flappy again."

"You can't spoon me if you're flappy."

"Stop going flappy!"

"Alcohol makes me go flappy."
by sonotflappy November 24, 2011
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