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The flabby roll of skin that is visible above a pair of tight jeans/skirt on a woman.

Another word for a spare tyre.
Oop get your flang out!

Check out the flang on that!

Baby got flang!
by Ryan Short & Michael Buckle June 27, 2006
A Flang is Storm chasing slang for a very close lightning strike, often instantaneous with thunder, can have a shock wave associated with it..
Hey, we copped a few Flangs last night from that Squall line..

awesome Flang-fest yesterday out in the cane fields..
by Darth Dumbarse October 24, 2010
flang (v) - To succeed as a hobo. To find small satisfactions where others might see only despair.
If you got a quarter, ya flang, ya flang. A discount shopper, ya flang, ya flang. If you gotta rob her, ya flang ya flang. Let's go shopping at K Mart.
by Toothless Heartattack Hobo February 17, 2012
slang word for vagina
i put my cock in ur flang
by Missy May 02, 2003
to go smoke marijuana
Hey Jeff, you want to go flang flang in your room. Hopefully you wont get kicked out of housing
by tom February 22, 2005
a women down there you know VAGINA !
she has a hairy flang
by missHyo April 16, 2009
It means something is so awesome you can't think of a word for it. Kinda like FRICKEN AWESOME but even better. Usually used with uber in front of it.
thurman: holy shit escape the fate is uber flang

scenester: i know they are the sex!!!
by xXchristinaXx January 28, 2009
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