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very very very very tan, short-ish, has the most amazing laugh that will keep you laughing, has a great personality, very into sports, gives the most amazing hugs ever, hates girls by the name of kaitlyn, has a really really really really really really really really pretty (or as i would say) a handsome smile. says bra, is gonna write a book called "man law" published after the summer, his hair feels like a porky-pine (everyone loves touches it), has unbelievably SOFT SKIN, is very very very (omg how many times will i say very) sweet, says honey..sweetie..my love, played as the march hare and other stuff, and is just all around the best guy ever.....oh and from reading other stuff apparently he has a very very very very very large penis, oh and is very funny.
me: i wanna be a thurman.

them: me too.
by mysteria1 June 10, 2009
Thurman Murman. Derived from the character Thurman from bad santa. A fat person and most of the time, a loner or loser. This is used as a nickname given to a person.
"Haha. What's up, Thurman?"
"Thurman, you idiot."
by Marc H March 19, 2006