A wonderful, magical invisible octopus that is orange with purple spots. Flanders are often eaten by goats and turned into invisible goat turds which are strewn all over sidewalks. They are also the targets of multiple sad attempts at songwriting by deranged peoples that have nothing better to do with their lives YAY!
If I had a Flanders, I'd hug it and squeeze it and love it and name it George.

Damn, those Flanders sure are tight!
by mooogan August 30, 2004
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Someone who takes christianity too seriously, revolving most or all of their everyday life around God and/or the bible.
Those 'Jesus Saves' guys are a bunch of flanderses.
by Devin A. December 27, 2003
The Dutch speaking region of the country Belgium. Inhabitants of this region are called Flemmings (No there isn't a country called "Flemm")The French speaking part of Belgium is called Wallonia.
You are a Lemming??
-No, I am a Flemming, inhabitant of Flanders, the Dutch speaking region of Belgium.
by Momma Roach October 09, 2005
Somebody who never does anything wrong, a do-gooder. This person will often seem to good to be true.
I can't believe how perfect she is it's like she's not even human, she is such a Flanders.
by phantom004 November 02, 2005
A complete stranger who approaches you at a gas station in the middle of nowhere, only to ask you if you've "found Jesus yet?" The question is usually accompanied by a proselytizing business card depicting someone going to hell for their supposed sins.
Car Owner: Fuckin' gas prices are ridiculous!!
Flanders: 'Scuse me, but I couldn't help noticing you're really mad about the price of gasoline. Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your lord n' savior? He'll help you with your anger.
Car Owner: What are you, some kinda nutcase?
by Tommyt August 29, 2007
A flander is a tiny cat for your dog to keep it company while your out on a walk. There is no smaller pet for your flander. They don't make cats that small.
- My dog gets really unhappy when I leave for work, so he breaks things.

- Well, have you tried getting him a flander?
by JALSJ April 07, 2011
a teacher/man who looks exactly like ned flanders and likes young girls
Evan: dude check out that flanders!
Mike: i know that cock was checking out my woman yesturday!
by katy4662 May 02, 2008
it means ur gay and a nerd like ned flander
GOD,,, ur such a flander
by summit12 March 31, 2005

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