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The mark left on a person's body after being assaulted with a padlock in a sock.
Dude, I gave that bitch hella smileys.
by diacetylmorphine June 22, 2005
Name of a street in Portland Oregon that the poular Simpsons character "Nell Flanders" is named after. Other Potland references include "Roger Meyers", Herbert Powell, Mayor Quimby, Bob Terwilliger etc etc
See: http://www.snpp.com/guides/whoiswho.html
by Diacetylmorphine June 08, 2005
Mixing Methamphetamine and Heroin for IV injection. Similar to "Speedball" which uses Cocaine and Heroin.
Dude, That goofball I slammed lastnight had me spun crazy all fucking night!
by Diacetylmorphine June 07, 2005
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