To be caught in limbo -- standing on one foot waiting to see what will happen next.
I'm waiting on five potential job offers, I don't know where I'll be living next month, I don't know if my girlfriend will move if I do -- my whole life is flamingo!
by Dr. Bubba August 01, 2011
It's all the craze to seagull your friends in England, which is ejaculating into your hand and smacking the hell out of your friends in the face. What about females? What can these poor creatures of fate do to mimic males (as they've done for millenniums)? Ahhh have we found the solution! What are women good at you may ask? Arguably one of three things. Cooking (the arguable portion), Producing Children, and Menstruating!!! Finally women put their skills to ardent use. As they menstruate into their hands they whack males in the face with their vagina juice. That my disgusted friends is a flamingo.
Ahhhh (with a cringed face) dude, that skag just flamingoed his face with her vagina juice.
by Aussie Jameen April 19, 2010
male version of seagull; when a girl is menstrating, gathers the blood in her palm, and then procedes to slap someone in the face while yeling "FLAMINGO"
I saw someone get flamingoed today.
by flutings May 09, 2010
A sexual position in which the male strategically places a chair in the center of the room for the woman to put her hand on while she is bending over and grabbing an ankle in a quadracept-stretching motion.
"Last night, my girlfriend said she wanted to go for a run so I busted the old flamingo out so she could stretch her left quad."
by Nu'jay March 16, 2009
When a drug has been mixed with other substances excessively, creating an impure waste of money.

when cocaine is mixed with Tylenol
"I'm pissed, that coke was so flamingo."
by Samm. October 29, 2007
When a lot dudes get a girl and have her stand on one leg. They then have sex with her making sure that a penis fits in every hole. Noses, ears, even in between the toes and fingers. Two go in the vagina and three in the booty.
(Group of guys)- Hey lets Flamingo this chick!
(Girl)- That sounds great! I haven't done that in forever!
by Bizzlez February 17, 2011
A gay male/males in desperate need of their own family.
Homosexual Flamingos Adopt Abandoned Chick

The UK's Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT) have announced that a pair of homosexual flamingos have adopted an abandoned flamingo chick in Slimbridge, near Bristol. Fernando and Carlos have been together for six years.

They have chased parents off their nests, and attempt to take over the eggs. They can feed the new addition to their family by producing milk in their throats. It was a combination of these behaviours that made them the perfect candidates.

WWT Spokesperson Jane Waghorn said: "They were rather good at sitting on eggs and hatching them so last week, when a nest was abandoned, it seemed like a good idea to make them surrogate parents." Gay flamingos are not a rarity.
by Laurie - LBtism May 22, 2007

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