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(v.) the act of dancing to a Brandon Flowers song, especially at one of his concerts.

(n.) the name of Brandon Flowers' new solo album
1.) I'm going to flamingo like crazy tonight at the BFlow show!

2.) Everyone should let loose and flamingo once in a while.

3.) Brandon wouldn't stop flamingoeing last night at the show...
by sweetestdownfall April 29, 2010
Someone at the gym who only works out their upper body and has skinny legs.
"Rofl, check out the flamingo walkin' over to the bench press"
by bigwang69 November 25, 2009
Flaming Homosexuals. Used primarily among homosexuals themselves as a type of affectionate brotherly calling.
"There are way too many flamingos at this gay bar" said the straight guy.
by flaming and proud June 01, 2010
A creepy pink critter that devours shrimp by the thousands.
Flamingos are not to be trusted.
by CalamariPancake April 11, 2009
A girl at a club with her friends not dancing with any guys usually rounded up in a circle and when you ask for a dance they make up a ridiculous excuse not to dance with you.
Brian: bro go dance with that girl
Peter: nah she's a flamingo
Brian: do it bro she's pretty cute
Peter: alright

Hey do you want to dance(to the girl)
Girl: no I have a boyfriend
Peter: then why are you here
Girl: he couldn't make it he's sick
Brian: fucking flamingos
by The real brosef April 13, 2014
A person who with large upper body mass but never does leg day, resulting in tiny legs.
He benches 300 but never wears shorts because he's a flamingo
by Lonelyscout July 14, 2014
To be caught in limbo -- standing on one foot waiting to see what will happen next.
I'm waiting on five potential job offers, I don't know where I'll be living next month, I don't know if my girlfriend will move if I do -- my whole life is flamingo!
by Dr. Bubba August 01, 2011