another word 4 "cool"
joe: i got a new guitar
perry: flamin'
by razberriezipper July 23, 2003
Top Definition
someone that is gay and everyone knows it. he walks with a switch, talks like a fag, ties knots in there shirt
Oh wow...he is flamin
by peaches August 12, 2004
A person who is bullshittin; Not staying with your word
"My homeboys was suppose to get up wid shawty but she flamin on us"
"They said they were bringing the drinks but they flamin.
by Speedin April 28, 2013
To bite, jone, or make fun of another.

Flamin usually starts with wit cho and ends with ass.
by bizzallin129371297 April 14, 2009
to be dissing on someone or making fun of.
Jared: "That outfit is whack."
Tyrome: "Yo man stop flamin."

Keisha: "I heard Shay flamin on you this morning."
by Hannah Whatsername June 07, 2007
Individual at a very angry state of mind, you've been trolled.
Friend: Hi what's up __.
Me: Nothing much, what about you faggot?
Friend: Dude don't call me a faggot little bitch.
Me: You flamin bro?
- MAD.
by Wage March 05, 2014
A young individual of a "mixed" decent, generally mixed with other species.
A "flamin" usually gets sexual pleasure from spamming, flaming and annoying other members of online communitys, flamin's are hated and are among the lowest of the online community.
As flamin's are the lowest of the online community, that directly results in flamin's also being the lowest of the real life community.
"That flamin is wack, he serriously has some problems."

"Oh gosh, that flamin spammed again!"
by Not KiwiMan January 15, 2010
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