(flay-min) verb.

Of bright, distinct or ghetto nature.
(a friendly fellow wearing all white walks by with bright orange high-tops)
Jameson Riverwalk- Daaaayum brotha! Those shoes be FLAMIN'! Ay, I think this is a good time to do the electric slide!
by Rushonda Smack Johnson February 18, 2011
to act gay or stupid, saying somthing that makes people think your gay
playing a game of spider-man monopoly and i land on kingpin which i have
Me: ahhh good to be home on the fat mans chest
Friend: your on a fats mans chest..what are ya? flamin'
Me: your the one flamin' over there with pink fives
Friend: shutupstupid!!!
by Spidey Alex July 28, 2006
1. adj. an english/anglo saxan slang term. derived from the latin flamo.
the english equivalint of the american slang term fuckin'
English:"You've all gone flamin' mad over the match!"
Translation:"You've all gone fuckin mad over the match!"
by Magnus Kay June 19, 2004
Hot, Attractive, Handsom Ect.
Joe was flamin at the football game.
by justsoyouknow October 25, 2008
something you say when you are overly irritated or riled up
I can't open this flamin jar!
by Jamie September 30, 2003

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