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4 definitions by razberriezipper

another word 4 "cool"
joe: i got a new guitar
perry: flamin'
by razberriezipper July 23, 2003
itz the same thing as "music" onlie w/ a "k". it just lookz nicer this way.:)
sumone: i listen 2 musik.
by razberriezipper July 25, 2003
a synonym 4 "cool"
1 of the narliest wordz ever!!
woah! narly mon!
dude! thatz so narly!
by razberriezipper July 27, 2003
itz a band. and they own big time
their newest cd "how the west was won" is soooo great! if u havent bought it already, then do so cuz ur missing out.
by razberriezipper July 23, 2003