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Extremely flamboyant homosexual. Very bright clothing, loud speach, upbeat attitude, often noisy or annoying, intrusive. Very very gay...
"That guy is acting out some broadway musical in the middle of the street.. what a flamer.."

by Wawa February 21, 2003
1. one who is of gay origin.
2. So incredibly gay that it boggles one's mind
3. my favorite insult
You are the biggest FLAMER in the entire god damn world
by eisthestuff March 05, 2003
a person who is so gay that you can take a glimpse and you know that there gay, im not talkin like a guy wearing a pink shirt so you just assume, im talkin bout that has-to-be-perfect streaked hair, the fuzz on the face, the tight pants, lots of gay colors, maybe being seen with a guy, the gay smile expression on their face, the whole nine yards. not that im saying if you have some of these things that your gay, but this person is such a flamer, that their either a fag, or gay,...or both... the term flamin can also be used towards someone who looks gay but isn't...meaning that there flaming. Its over all a person who is flaming with gayness and homosexuality
"OMG, gee there buddy you wouldnt want your nuts to breathe with those tight pants....flamer"
"Oh my....FLAMER"
"flamer alert"
"ahhFLAMERuhh"(fake cough)
"Man why do you like that guy he's such a flamer"
"Oh my, that buddy got some tight ass pants, fuck he's flaming"
"cock suckin flamer"
by gsnail December 15, 2005
An Individual who without any knowledge of the purpose, has flame tatoos applied to his/her arm.
Jordan aka Frankie
by Raganoo November 26, 2003
an idiotic person who misspells the word message on a message board
A flamer is a person who writes enraged notes on a forum or massage board"
by Reaper-X November 21, 2007
Short for a "flaming asshole" which is an asshole of the highest magnitude.
"What a flamer" "He/she is a real flamer"
by Badkneesbill May 08, 2007
a man who puts on a button-down, pink shirt with three buttons undone, torn jeans from abercrombie, flip flops, silk underwear and mousse in his hair and then heads out and cries to a barbra streisand musical, after which he goes to starbucks, where he orders a cappuccino, which he enjoys while reading an article in "vogue" about how to please your man. after all this, the "man" goes to the gap for some shopping and then heads out for a manicure and hair appointment.
the damn flamer couldn't stop talking about clothing materials, so i showed him the newest playboy and he quickly dissapeared
by clevelandsteamer September 05, 2005
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