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Extremely flamboyant homosexual. Very bright clothing, loud speach, upbeat attitude, often noisy or annoying, intrusive. Very very gay...
"That guy is acting out some broadway musical in the middle of the street.. what a flamer.."

by Wawa February 21, 2003
a gay guy with no friends.
by Laughing Cow October 03, 2010
A very, sometimes exceptionally, rude person mostly found in forums. These persons will use foul language against persons who might have mispelled a word or have another oppion.

Flamers will usually go after new people or people who their know acts badly, examples: noobs. This is true in general, but a flamer will execute his or hers bad temper at anyone at any day.
Person 1: hi, r ther ne1 nice here???

Person 2: Crawl back into the hole from hence you came your idiotic moron.
by Mads Glahder January 23, 2005
they're not just out of the closet, they're out in the middle of the damn street humping a telephone pole.
Why the hell did we just lose power?

...ooh, nevermind... flamer
by livil January 18, 2011
flame on
"hold my butt cheeks while i pee dude
no elly, your such a flamer
by uranoob4eva October 04, 2010
a really openly gay person
gays, who are flamers
by jokerbug August 12, 2011
extremely gay person who outwardly shows their gayness. usually wears bright colored clothing and is very annoying to others.
Hager is such a flamer, he needs to man up.
by nhlallstar36 June 21, 2009
Someone whos very openly gay

someone who doesnt have ginger hair, but has red hair
Woah, that kid Aidan is a huge flamer look at the color of his hair!

Woah, that kid Aidan is such a flamer look at his bedazzled purse!
by flamerrrrbrooooo December 28, 2010
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