Top Definition
V. To fail in a spectacular or catastrophic fashion
N. Someone who does this
Guy 1: man, that dude's dancing is atrocious.
Guy 2: yeah, he's a pretty big flailure alright.
by plight March 24, 2006
An attempt to remedy a previous failure which has the unintended consequence of exacerbating the aforementioned failure.
1. The plot to any Ben Stiller movie is such a flailure.

2. The Vietnam war was such a flailure.
by DjFrosteedotCom October 26, 2008
1. The state of feeling as if you were accidentally flirting with someone. Flailure commonly leads to flailing.
"I didn't mean to flirt with you just now! I'm such a flailure!" *flails in embarrassment and slight panic*
by this is my pseudonym! May 06, 2010
What you are when you feel you are barely above water flailing your arms and then decide to give up.
I was a facebook flailure when I didn't learn how to use it and gave up.
by Penelopepi January 27, 2011
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