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The bedroom where you slay hoodrats.
Julie: OMG, this party is fucking awesome, where did Jill go?

Jack: Oh, she's with Richard. He took her upstairs to the Smash Lab.
by DjFrosteedotCom October 26, 2008
An attempt to remedy a previous failure which has the unintended consequence of exacerbating the aforementioned failure.
1. The plot to any Ben Stiller movie is such a flailure.

2. The Vietnam war was such a flailure.
by DjFrosteedotCom October 26, 2008
Having sex, and using your penis. Having sex with a lot of women
What are you doing tonight?

I dunno, probably hitting up the club and slanging some d.

Slanging D
by DjFrosteedotCom October 26, 2008

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